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I need help moving out of motel hard to pay 700 hundred a month and put money back to get a place for me ,my husband and our 2 kids.

Beth Girl started this conversation

My husband and our 2 kids seem to have gotten stuck into this room and our car has a busted radiator so I am having a lot of trouble getting my little one to her appts. she has sturge-webber sydrome and can't miss many more. My husband works all day everyday and can't afford days off. I can't work because of my daughter's disease,I am the most educated on what to do when she has seizures. So we can't get money saved for a car or  a place to live. If anyone knows of how I can get help I would appreciate any advice!

         Beth Girl

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hey maybe u could start looking for a more affordable place to live n you could move out before the rent is due. you can find a better apartment. i dnt think a motel is better and aprtmnts are more affordable if you look in the right places.

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not sure if this will help much or not, but information is all i have to give.  Regarding the housing situation, try contacting habitat for humanity, or similar organizations.  having a working parent, and multiple children, you should fit the profile of who they would assist with housing issues.  Also, for the child with seizures, try contacting your state health department or state social services department.  You are definitely low income, which should, at the very least qualify your child with seizures for state insurance coverage (which should subsidize/offset a large part of her medical expenses).  The car issue is a little bit stickier, but you might try a couple different things.  Try contacting local charities or churches and let them know of your radiator issue and see if they might be able to help or know someone/a company that could.  Another possibility would be (if your husband can change a radiator) to contact the managers of each local parts store and see if they'd donate a radiator to you in exchange for advertising space on your car (simple door magnets or the like).  Also, if you have junkyards where you live or a company called Pull-A-Part, you can find parts dirt cheap in most cases (again tho, your husband would either need to install the radiator, or have someone who would). Hope this helps.


with love; wishing and praying for your success



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